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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Life is life it must go on......
Most of the time it gives some signal.
And sometimes, it struck, without giving horn.

We got tumbled with the sudden blow.
We lost our all hope and coz of this, our life goes a bit slow.

We go a bit slow, as we loose our all hope.
Life seems to end now, and didn't see any scope.

We need some time to think, to take another step.
To make another new beginning, to fulfill that gap.

We need change and desperately want to come out of that.
But the problem is, bad moment we remember and happy moment we forget.

To avoid this, we have to keep on saying to self,that not everything is lost.
As sometimes, it is possible that, time can pay back it's cost.

We have no other option but to trust power of GOD.
As we all are his servant and he is our lord.

Coz, GOD is supreme, GOD is great.
who fulfill our every wishes but sometimes late.

But we have to keep alive our hope and keep on trying
Coz miracle happen and that can change our fate.

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